Similan Liveaboard: Which kind of food can you eat on your charter?

When you are in holiday in an other country is very important to know about local food and specially when you dive.
Any boats of Similan Liveaboard tour, have a cook that prepare everyday your meals from breakfast to lunch and dinner, the menu is a mixed of international and Thai cousin. We would like to talk about the very famous Thai food, as oriental cousin the taste is strong and spicy, but don’t worry because it’s the only Asian cousin that can fit with Western palate.

The Thai cousin prefers the contrast between different flavour, bitter and sweet, sweet and salty and more mix to discover, furthermore satisfies without to make you fat because is a low calorie food and has many vegetables and herbs, this is good for your health and your diving vacation. The steamed rice (best quality is rice smell jasmine ) accompanies all dishes, meet, seafood, vegetables, broiled or soup. We said that the food generally is spicy due to use of chilly and aromatic spices like the Thai curry.

Below you can find a short list of Thai dishes which you can find in all Thai restaurant and on your dive boat as well:

– Pad Thai is a stir fried rice noodles which are stir fried with shrimps or chicken, eggs, tofu, garlic, red chili peppers, fish sauce, sugar and is served with fresh scallion, lime, soy sprouts, roasted peanuts and you can add sugar, chili powder, soy sauce and vinegar. The Pad Thai is very popular and is very common dish to break the ice with Thai cousin.

– Khao Pat is a fried rice, very easy and simple food in Thailand, you can eat with what you want: chicken, pork, shrimp, squid, eggs and vegetables. Fried rice is good food and can satisfy anybody and meet any taste, easy food for adults and children and you can eat and buy everywhere, you can eat a different Khao Pat everyday.

– Kaeng Matsaman is typical from Thai Muslim in southern Thailand, this dish is made with Thai curry paste, cucunot milk, chicken, beef or lamb, potatoes, herbs and spices. The taste is sweet and rich, the meat become very tender and the sauce is very good with rice or roti, you cannot miss this food in your travel.

– Tom Yam is a very popular spicy and sour soup, the ingredients are lemon grass, lime, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, fish sauce and red chili peppers. The most famous is the Tom Yam Khung with prawns, this food is very aromatic and very hot, the cook in the boat made a less spicy soup for people don’t want burn their tongue.

– Other typical foods are khao tom (rice soup very good for breakfast), tom kha khai (coconut soap with chicken), Kaeng phanaeng (Cried curry fired with coconut milk). You can find any kind of barbecue both meat and seafood, Thai sweet is very popular and almost is made with fresh fruit.

The food is plenty on the boat and you don’t worry about it, you have always something to eat after your dives, but all our liveabord can prepare special food if you have any particular diet or allergy.